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The Spiritual Adoption of an unborn child movement started in the wake of the Fatima apparitions. The prayers have become one answer to Our Heavenly Mother’s pleas to pray the rosary and to make reparation and atonement for our sins and those sins that most wound her Immaculate Heart.

Spiritual Adoption of an unborn child is a powerful prayer for the child in the womb threatened by abortion. Through the pledge to undertake Spiritual Adoption, a person, family, or parish community, undertakes to pray daily for an unborn child for nine months. The act of Spiritual Adoption is a personal and charitable gift of prayer, love and sacrifice. Through our prayers, God can bestow faith in God’s mercy to the mothers and fathers of the unborn and grant them the gift of peace in their hearts. Through our heartfelt commitment to prayer, the deep wounds caused by the sin of abortion can begin to be healed.

The solemn ceremony of the Spiritual Adoption led by a priest should take place in the church. If due to various reasons, physical participation is not possible, you may do it by yourself.

In our church, we will make Spiritual Adoption vows on December 8 (in Polish) and March 24 (in English).

In addition to praying the rosary decade and the daily prayer, you may wish to undertake one of the following, or something of your choosing: frequent Mass, the sacrament of penance, or Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

A prolonged absence of prayer (a month or two) breaks the Spiritual Adoption. The undertaking is recommended to be renewed, and a firm commitment kept. If there has been a short break in prayer, the Spiritual Adoption should be continued and extended to cover the days missed.

This year, thirteen parishioners of St. Mary's and St. Casimir's joined the Spiritual Adoption.

For more information, please contact Father Piotr.